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  • Bamboo


    Bambussokkarnir eru gerðir úr fínu bambusgarni sem framleitt er úr kjarna bambusplöntunnar.... 

  • Cotton


    Bómullarsokkarnir okkar eru mjúkir og endingargóðir. Ég heyri svo oft fólk kvarta... 

  • Coolmax®


    Coolmax® sérstök blanda af garni með sérstaka virkni. Sokkarnir eru ótrúlega mjúkir... 

  • Outdoor


    Útisokkarnir okkar sem heita Grindavík hafa verið seldir í einu fylki í... 

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  • Best socks in the world. And the staff has been great to work with.

    Best socks in the world. And the staff has been great to work with.

    November 14, 2022

  • Very good

    very good products and great customer service.

  • At first I thought it was just another socks

    At first I thought just an other socks business, then I tried a pair out. Amazing feeling, amazing comfort, amazingly warm. I though I was crazy, so I asked my daughter to try a pair out, she was so amazed as well. Those socks are "blessed socks" for sure!
    I highly recommend, to make the difference with others socks.

  • I’m obsessed with these socks

    I’m obsessed with these socks, I love them so much!! They are the best socks I’ve ever had! I’m a k9Handler in Search & Rescue, and I’m on my feet for 10-15 hrs or more a day and these socks have took my foot pain and back pain away plus my feet are never cold, or wet they are dry and toasty all day long! When I’m at home I wear the ankle sock with my tennis shoes and again my feet are so comfortable that I can’t wear any other sock because they don’t even compare to these. I’m very hard on socks because I’m on my feet so much and I would tear my old socks up quickly, not my Socks2go socks they have stood the test and are of such good quality. I highly recommend these socks to EVERYONE!!

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